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This ark is hand made from reclaimed wood recovered from vintage wooden trunks. 


This is a great piece for any nursey décor or anywhere to display Noah’s story.  For decorative use only.


There is one dove, because the mate is looking for dry land, and two each of the following: penguin, pig, racoon, sheep, zebra, hippo, alligator, tiger, bison, camel, ostrich, elephant and giraffe.  


They range from the smallest, dove, approximately 3 inches long and 1 inch high, to the tallest, giraffe at approximately 2.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall.   Mr. And Mrs. Noah are approximately 1.25 inches wide and 3.25 inches tall.


The ark is 21 inches wide, 7.25 inches deep with lower door closed ( 11.75 inches open) and 15 inches tall.  Mr. And Mrs. Noah fit perfectly into the top cabin while all the animals can be stored below in the main hold. Please note that the individual pieces may pose a choking hazard.


Notes from the artist:

The only thing I have done to the patina is a light stain on the edges that were cut by the saw.  All the stains, nails, nail holes, gouges and age of the wood are all natural from years of regular use.   I have used some new hinges and magnets on the door on the main cabin and on the door at the bottom for the animal ramp. The ark and the animals are all hand cut, sanded and painted so no two arks will be the same.    

The people and all the animals are cut from pine that is .75 inches thick that come from left over projects. ( these are not made to scale)  

Noah's Ark

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